The Bachelorette: Turkey Edition.

So I have a maiden voyage to Beaver Island in May. Memorial weekend kicks off my summer. I’ll be with my fellow turkeys letting my hair down and kick starting summer with a two hour boat ride to Beaver Island, MI. I need to pick my ferry beer but I’m not done handing out roses. I’ve got few in mind but the decision process is looming. I’ve been slugging craft beer since I was basically ten. While this isn’t just about grabbing a twelve pack from the store; it’s about deciding what brew I want while I’m blowing off steam pent up from 2016.

Criteria for my wish list are:

  1. Comes in a can.
  2. Between 3.5%-6% ABV.
  3. Not repulsive at room temperature.
  4. Must be a “craft beer”.

Lets meet the candidates.

Let me just say that if Kona used cans in their packaging they’d be on the list. Before you call me a beer snob let me clarify that being in a can is a requirement as my backpack cooler is only so big. If I’m going to put twelve beers in my backpack they need to be stack-able.

First up is the PC Pils. I see a lot of value here. I can get a fifteen pack of the PC anytime of night, man. It’s a really crush-able brew and hovers around the 5% range. It’s a pilsner but features a bright citrusy aftertaste via cascade hops, centennial hops, and chinook hops. This combines my love for hoppy beers with marathon drinking.

Now to Even Keel. This brew has the benefit of making the cut in 2016. It’s a light 3.8% session IPA with a solid hop backbone of bitterness. The downside here is that I’ve found that the beer leaves a soapy aftertaste after it gets warm. The last couple gulps aren’t as refreshing as the first couple. But I’m an IPA lover and having a crush-able IPA on hand is hard to pass up.

The Oarsman Ale. This beer reappeared on my radar this year. I’ve had this beer before but in the midst of a build-your-own six pack. Oarsman faded from my memory and one sunny day in mid February I found one in the back of my fridge. Oarsman now has the inside track for ferry status because it’s a really well done beer. The wheat base with the tart mouth-feel is very tasty. Oarsman is marketed perfectly with a “Great for you and your crew” tagline. Also, being Michigan made seems perfect for a Pure Michigan adventure.

Even Keel session IPA by Ballast Point Brewing Co.


Oarsman Ale by Bell’s Brewing Co.


PC Pils By Founders Brewing Co.



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