The Turkeys are coming to town

The Island Times has been anxious all off season while the Turkeys trained from their mainland domiciles. The Turkeys are coming to town for Memorial Weekend and an entire slate of activities are set to take place. New cottage games, new faces, and new ways of thinkin’ are on the horizon.

Sources close to The Island Times indicate Woody will end his two year hiatus and join the Turkeys for their inaugural dice game tournament. Other off season rumblings indicate Plymouth, MI free agent Steve Meek is in negotiations with the Turkeys to make his island debut in May.  Preliminary reports on Meek look good as he’s well versed in heavy drinking, driving while impaired, and making new friends in new situations.

The big three, Robert, Dano, and Big C remain primed and ready for their anniversary. In their fifth year participating in a Beaver Island Memorial Day weekend the stakes have never been greater for whats set to be a heck of a good week.

The Island Times sat down with Dano and he shared his thoughts on some of the adjustment the Turkeys will have to make as they turn the corner to the next five years.

“We’ve been through a lot, man. It’s crazy to look back five years ago and think we’d make it this far. I mean, Bob had another kid, I got married, and Hock has been to the Middle East and back. It’s been a good five years, man.”

When asked what adjustments the Turkeys would have to make going forward:

“Well this will be our first time up there without Johnny. All these years I took him for granted. It won’t be the same without Johnny behind the bar making small talk about music, giving us the lay of the land, and warning us which locals are losers”

Dano also gave us insight on what he hopes the next five years looks like:

“You know, I hope the next five years are as foggy as the last five. Drinkin’ beers with my buddies never gets old. I can’t wait to listen to all the stupid shit my buddies say, man. Half the time I think their brains are shut off but that’s the beauty of the island. You don’t need a brain to fit in, man”.

The stage is starting to set for the Turkeys as they hone in the roster for the 2017 trip. Dano also assured me things looked very solid for a five-some of Robert, Dano, Hock, Woody, and Steve. We’re pleased to learn that Nate and the boys are locked and loaded for their annual trip to the Island.

We’re not even through February yet and you can feel the excitement in the air. It’s not May yet but the Turkeys still have training to do.

Stay tuned and subscribe to The Island Times for updates on this year’s anniversary weekend.


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